minimal & long exposure fine art photography workshops

group and private workshops

They are formed on a one-to-one basis or by participating in a group of photographers. The workshops can be arranged as a complete masterclass (location shooting and fine art editing) or as editing-only masterclass, depending on the request of the participant(s). Their duration spans from half-day to multi-day sessions. Location workshops take place at carefully selected locations across Greece, such as the Axios Delta, Mesolongi lagoon, Meteora and Thessaloniki seafront. Apart from these locations, there is also the option to arrange a private or group workshop anywhere outside of Greece.

The key objective of these workshops is to communicate the photographer's vision, knowledge and experience on fine art photography to people that want to enhance their skills and lean how to make a fine art photo work from start to finish. These workshops are not photo tours, they are an opportunity to learn fine art photography.

online courses & video tutorials

There is no "one for all" solution regarding ready-made video tutorials. Instead, all video tutorials are created by request and are formed according to each person's needs and skills. Options include step by step analysis on various parts of image making, from capture and thought process, to RAW conversion, retouching, b&w editing, atmosphere-specific post processing and preparing an image for printing. Other options include live online courses, long term mentoring for developing a personal vision, as well as extensive mentoring on the technical and aesthetic attributes of the participant's portfolio of images.

some of the workshops participants

Christina K., Cyprus

Dimitris L., Greece

Alona A., Holland

Vasilis L., Greece

Giannis G., Greece

​Andy V., Belgium

Jana L., New Zeland

Mathieu A., Belgium
José S., Spain

Lynne F. N., USA

Steve A., UK

George T., Greece

Dionisis M., Greece

Anastasia S., Greece

Vasilis K., Greece

Padma I., USA
Alexandros D., Greece

Manos C., Greece

Maria P., Belgium

Andy G., UK

Vasilis S., Greece

Ed G., Ireland

Dimos S., Greece

Pantelis A., Greece

Danis P., Greece

Andrew H., USA

Alexandros X., Greece

Mathias B., Germany

Oyvid L., Norway

Nikos T., Greece

Thanos K., Greece

Jacelyn B., USA

Giannis A., Greece

Nikos L., Austria

Renos K., Greece

Niru K., Canada

For more details on the types and itinerary specifics of the available workshops, please use the contact form.

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