Minimal & Long exposure Photography Workshops


They are formed on a one-to-one basis and can be arranged as a complete masterclass (location shooting and editing) or as editing-only masterclass, depending on the request of the participant. Three types of private workshops are available and they are most suitable to run at the "Axios Delta" national park, which is considered the best location for long exposure photography in Greece. Other options include private workshops anywhere in the world, online courses, long term mentoring, as well as step-by-step video tutorials on the editing procedure.



Teo Kefalopoulos and George Digalakis have created "Art Of Light", a team that runs fine art photography workshops at carefully selected areas in Greece. The key objective is to communicate their vision, knowledge and experience on fine art photography with people that want to lean their workflow and make a fine art photo work from start to finish. These workshops are not photo tours, they are an opportunity to learn fine art photography.

The workshops comprise of short-day location shooting and editing masterclasses and can expand to many days of shooting at different locations. Both tutors have thorough knowledge of every area visited and it is a given that all participants will receive in-depth information on how to create high quality minimal and long exposure themes.



Christina K., Cyprus

Dimitris L., Greece

Alona A., Holland

Vasilis L., Greece

Giannis G., Greece

​Andy V., Belgium

Jana L., New Zeland

Lynne F. N., USA

Steve A., UK

George T., Greece

Dionisis M., Greece

Anastasia S., Greece

Vasilis K., Greece

Padma I., USA
Alexandros D., Greece

Maria P., Belgium

Andy G., UK

Vasilis S., Greece

Ed G., Ireland

Dimos S., Greece

Pantelis A., Greece

Danis P., Greece

Andrew H., USA

Mathis B., Germany

Oyvid L., Norway

Nikos T., Greece

Thanos K., Greece

Jacelyn B., USA

Giannis A., Greece

Nikos L., Austria

Renos K., Greece

For more details on the types and itinerary specifics of the available workshops, please use the contact form.


A series of talks and lectures on the aspects and issues of fine art photography can be discussed on live venues, photography schools and clubs. To book a talk and receive info on relevant details, please use the contact form.