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The boat as a photographic subject

Boats are everywhere in my galleries, I love having them as a subject for my artworks. To me, the boat signifies the soul of the photographer as it can vividly evoke a message, an emotion or a thought. I prefer them to be in a state of decay, leaning to their sides, standing still for eternity. Boats can blend in a poetic way within a long exposure shot or even in a shot taken with creative effect lenses.

Depending on the direction of the boat, different meanings can be related to the theme, yet the sense of remembrance and evocation are always present. Boats leaving or returning, they effectively symbolize our very self, our presence in relation to significant parts of our life. They can emit powerful messages, express a need to depart from a difficult state, to return and nest in comfort to somewhere we feel safe and secure, or even relate to a decaying state. Rest assured the boats themselves carry endless experiences of their owners. Through the years, their owners made dreams on them, they pondered on them, they even talked to them in times of despair or planned their future and built their hopes on them. A boat has deep symbolic meanings that reach far back and deep to our presence on this earth and being able to capture them in a frame, to turn them to interesting subjects in photography holds immense value to me. After spending so much time on framing them, I start to "feel" each part of a boat, to sense and imagine scenes of their past. A boat deserves our attention and not only from the photographer's view. They are a link to a vivid past...

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