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The significance of the limited focus area

After presenting much of my artworks made with the selective focus technique, I received a message on why I leave so little in focus while making moody photos. Well, my intention is manifold. One is to setup the frame on the basis of a single point of interest and drive the observer's eye effortlessly to it. This specific point holds the whole message of an artwork. Even though the viewer is able to feel the psyche of a scene, there is always a selection of outmost interest within the frame, usually one that is related to emotions, memories and strong relations between a person and the things/objects that he interacts with. This concept is effectively recreated by the use of specific optics, shooting angles and effective post processing.

The second key point is that the use of a small focus section allows me to recreate our imperfect way of how we physically look at a frame, as each time there is only one point of focus and everything else is blurred. Also, the whole mood of such artworks represents a state of a transient memory, a scene that passes before the eyes only for a brief moment yet stays in the mind for long. You can also think of it as a fraction of a dream. This is truly important in the way I want these artworks to be perceived and also reflects one of the strongest key elements in my photography and that is the memories.

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